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As well as your caravan holiday home or lodge, the price also includes:

  • Transportation, siting & levelling of unit on chosen plot
  • Securing & chaining down on the unit
  • Connection to electric supply, water supply and foul water system
  • Supply and fitting of 2 gas bottles and regulator or connection of unit to piped gas supplied underground
  • Supply and fitting of exterior TV aerial
  • Supply and fitting of steps to front and rear doors including hand rails
  • Fire extinguisher/smoke alarm 
  • Pre-delivery inspection and check
  • Decking on lodges and caravan holiday homes at River Valley & Silverbow Country Park.

Unless otherwise stated, the price does not include annual pitch fees.

Lodges are available to purchase at River Valley & Silverbow Country Park.

Yes. You can purchase a caravan at any of our parks.

Our parks are licenced for holiday use only, making them NON-RESIDENTIAL. You will be asked to provide evidence of a permanent address. When the park is closed, you will not be able to use your holiday home during this time.

There is no age limit for owning a caravan or lodge.

You can use your holiday home whenever the park is open. All of our parks have an 11 month season.

The license agreement, under the Code of Practice drawn up by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association in consultation with the Office of Fair Trading is issued as standard to owners of caravan holiday homes and lodges on holiday parks. This maintains the high standards expected today and ensures you have the security of tenure recognized by the Government and all interested authorities. On purchasing a new caravan on our parks, you will be issued with a 12-year Holiday Licence Agreement from the date of purchase. For pre-owned caravans and lodges, the Licence Agreement will run for the remaining balance. On purchasing a Lodge at River Valley or Silverbow Country Park you will be issued with a 30 year Holiday License agreement. All dates are explained and agreed when your sale is completed.

All caravan holiday homes are built to NCC standard EN1647 and are built from materials that will withstand the duration of the licence period.

On Timber units regular exterior maintenance and treatment will prolong the life of the unit.

At the end of your Holiday Agreement License

It is in your own interest to maintain your purchase. We will be pleased to help organise any repairs and maintenance to your caravan or lodge on your behalf, or to put forward the names of local trades people. To ensure that all of our parks remain attractive holiday destinations, all privately owned accommodation must be kept in a good state of repair and condition.

Plots on new developments and newly available pitches will be allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis, and can be reserved for £500.00. It is important to reserve the plot of your choice as early as possible. Why not book an appointment to arrange a park visit of your choice?

No. You cannot live on our holiday parks, so council tax is not payable. However, the annual pitch fees include a contribution towards the local authority business rates levied on the park

Water/Sewage disposal are included within the pitch fees. Electric services are metered and you will be invoiced from the park office annually or at regular intervals if preferred.

At Surf Bay Holiday Park Gas cylinders are paid for as require, prices include delivery & fitting. At River Valley & Silverbow Country Park gas is piped and will therefore be charged for periodically.

No, this price is built into the price you pay for your caravan or lodge. This service is provided by our siting team and park maintenance manager. See 'What do I get for my money?' above

Owners of their own caravans or lodges are able to bring their dogs with them to the parks, however they must be kept on a lead at all times, unless in a designated 'Dog Walk' area.

At Surf Bay Holiday Park, there is the Northam Burrows Country Park adjacent to the park or Westward Ho! beach where dogs can be walked.

At River Valley & Silverbow Country Park there are designated dog walking areas.

There are of course many pathways, lanes and fields around all of our parks.

Each holiday home and lodge has designated parking.

Designated parking has been allowed for 1 car per caravan or lodge, however in some cases these designated parking areas can accommodate 2 vehicles.

Yes, however in the interest of park security, all visitors should sign in at reception on arrival & departure. Owners who let their caravans must notify the park of arrivals and if the customers are to collect a key from reception. When collecting keys, identification WILL be required.

There will always be someone to keep an eye on your holiday home when you are not there. This means that if there are any problems that are apparent from the outside, we can inform you immediately and discuss an appropriate course of action. We will hold a key for use in such emergencies. It is policy on all our parks to ensure we are aware of all holidaymakers or visitors to privately owned accommodation.

Provided that the age of the caravan does not exceed the age limit which appears on your License agreement you can sell your caravan or lodge, however this sale must be agreed in writing with our Head Office - 0844 88 00 118 before putting the caravan on the market. Under section 6 of your Licence Agreement, Surf Bay Leisure will act as your agent for the transaction, receiving all purchase monies from your buyer, etc. Apart from the commission agreed at the outset, we will not make any other charges to you or to the buyer of the caravan.

If you are seriously thinking of owning a new holiday caravan for a very short period of time, we would seriously advise you not to go ahead with your purchase, they do depreciate and the first year is always the worst. The remainder will depreciate evenly over the licence period.  A value will also depend on how well you look after your holiday caravan or lodge and the state of the economy and holiday home industry as a whole.

Yes. You must be properly insured against all the usual risks including fire, flood, storm and third party liability. Insurance can be arranged through our Head Office - 0844 88 00 118. More information on Insurance.

Yes. Our holiday makers and private owners enjoy a quieter, relaxed lifestyle on all of our parks. A set of Park Rules for each park are available and must be adhered to and form part of the License Agreement, which must be signed.

The price you pay will depend on the size, specification and manufacturer you choose. It is impossible to say at this stage exactly how much this will be until you have made a decision on the park, pitch and model. However, single unit pre-owned caravan holiday home prices (10-12ft wide) start at around £15,000 .

With less manufacturers than caravan holiday homes, the price band can be narrowed slightly, however it is still dependent on the size, specification and manufacturer you choose. Twin unit Lodges prices start from around £90K

Many customers use their own savings or a bank loan to pay for their new or pre-owned holiday caravan or lodge.  Many finance providers are available.

Yes, we are happy for you to sub-let your lodge or caravan, however we reserve the right to terminate this privilege should your tenants continuously break our park rules.

We strongly recommend you set your charges for sub-letting at a level that will help you to attract appropriate clients who will respect your holiday home, fit in with other holiday makers and maintain the parks ambience. 

In the event that your caravan or lodge is sub-let, you must be able to provide the appropriate Gas and Electrical Test Landlord Certificates. Sub-letting Information.

Owners who let their caravans must notify the park of arrivals and if the customers are to collect a key from reception. When collecting keys, identification WILL be required and all visitors will be required to sign in/out on arrival and departure.

Due to Health & Safety regulations it may not be possible to offer you this option on some of our more developed locations, due to the distance between caravan holiday homes, however where possible we will endeavour to provide this option at an additional charge. Charges will depend on decking type and size.

Decking on Lodges at River Valley & Silverbow Country Park is included in the price.