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Why Ownership?

Owning your very own holiday caravan or lodge on one of our Parks in Devon or Cornwall, means that you can holiday anytime you want, for as long as you like, in a coastal or inland location you love.

Whether you want to get away for weekends, short breaks or holidays, owning your own holiday caravan or lodge is an ideal option. You can enjoy home from home comforts, in a relaxed environment.

As well as offering a choice of first class locations, you’ll also have the added bonus of never needing to book or plan. You’ll have unlimited holidays for you and your family, as well as the freedom of being able to get away at a moments notice! What more could you ask for?

A place of your own means looking forward to relaxing somewhere because you know it's right for you and your family. After all... you chose it! We have a wide range of holiday caravans and lodges to suit all family budgets and requirements, you can even choose your own new holiday caravan or lodge and have it sited on one of our vacant plots if you wish. The price of your holiday caravan or lodge will vary depending on whether you choose a pre-owned or a new package.

Sit down, relax and have fun with the family. New friendships begin when you buy a holiday caravan or lodge. You can view more second hand static caravans for sale at www.sblcaravancentre.co.uk with a full range to buy off site if you are looking to purchase a caravan for yourself on your own property.