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If you cannot spend all of the season in your holiday caravan or lodge, you may feel it is a shame to leave it standing empty and you may have family or friends who would like to share in this experience. We are happy for you to sublet your lodge or caravan but there must be no sub-letting to anyone with dogs.

We are also happy for to sub-let commercially to help re-coup some of your site fees and expenses, as long as you are able to provide the appropriate Gas and Electrical Test Landlord Certificates that Health and Safety require. If you need help obtaining the necessary Landlord Certificates we will gladly  advise you and help you organise this.

When you are letting your caravan out to other people we would appreciate if you could notify the park of arrivals and if you wish the customers to collect a key from reception that can easily be arranged; however, for your safety and ours we will require some form of identification from your guests.

Detailed rules and regulations will be listed in the agreement you sign with the park and are based on the Code of Practice laid down by the BH & HPA (The British Holiday and Home Parks Association)